Installers of VCHRGD EV Chargers 

EV Charger Installation 

The process of installing an EV charger in the UK is becoming increasingly popular as more people turn to electric vehicles. In order to ensure a smooth and efficient installation, it is important to research your options and select the right charger for your needs. The first factor to consider when choosing an EV charger is the speed at which it can charge your vehicle. Different types of chargers vary in terms of compatibility, charging speed, type of connector, and cost. You should also check if you are eligible for any government grants or incentives that could help cover the cost of the installation. 
Once you’ve chosen the best EV charger for your needs, you need to arrange for installation. Installing an EV charger may involve obtaining planning permission from your local authority if you’re intending on placing it on public land or near a property boundary. The installer will also inspect both the electrical wiring at the site as well as whether appropriate cables can be run into the location where you wish to mount the charger. Once everything has been approved and checked, they can proceed with installing the technical equipment necessary for making use of your new EV charger. 

VCHRGD Chargers - Built for The UK 

UK-based VCHRGD has the mission to deliver the best electric vehicle chargers in the UK. Whether it's quick, easy, and affordable home charging solutions or practical, robust, and affordable charging solutions for fleet and employee charging in the workplace, VCHRGD aims to make your charging experience a smooth one. 

The VCHRGD 7KW Range 

The Seven 

Compatible with any brand of car, the VCHRGD 7KW is the latest development in home charging technology, offering a range of features that make charging your vehicle faster, safer and easier. This advanced model has the capacity to supply up to 7 kilowatts of power, with an impressive level of safety and ease-of-use at its heart. 
The device incorporates a variety of useful elements to help you get the most out of your charge. This includes support for practically any variable input frequency~ allowing it to operate with almost any electrical grid configuration without having to adjust settings manually. Additionally, the device includes an updateable device software platform so you can access the latest information about new features and advancements as they become available. In addition to this, it is built on a sound-performance galvanized steel chassis for optimal stability and integrated power surge protection to ensure safe charging in even extreme weather conditions. 

 + VCHRGD App  

The VCHRGD App is a revolutionary product that has the power to completely transform your charging experience. Featuring a simplistic user interface and advanced features, this app offers everything you need to get the most out of your device charging experience. It not only helps you keep track of all of your devices, but it also provides useful information like voltage and amp readings, charge times and trends, as well as safety warnings when something isn't right. All of these are designed to make sure your devices are constantly charged and always in peak condition while helping you save money on energy costs. 
Whether you have multiple chargers or are just looking for one for convenience, the app allows you to connect up to 10 devices and will automatically change its configuration if necessary by analysing what type of phone it is connecting to. With its compatibility across different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users can take advantage of the app instantly without needing to install anything or create a separate account. This means that no matter how many devices you own or how often their configurations change -- so long as they're plugged in they'll be properly supported by this intuitive app. 

VCHRGD Approved Installers 

First Light Electrical Services are delighted to be VCHRGD Approved Installers. 
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