Installers of Tesla EV chargers 

Home Charging for Your Tesla Vehicle 

Home charging is the most convenient way to refuel your Tesla vehicle. Plugging in when you get home means you can take advantage of low night-time utility pricing during off-peak hours, which cuts down on both time and money spent at the pump. Not only does this benefit your budget, but it also provides an easy way to charge up for the day ahead without having to make trips to the garage. 

Charging your Tesla overnight  

Charging your Tesla overnight not only gives you peace of mind, but it also reduces carbon emissions since EVs use electricity instead of gas. Furthermore, EVs require very little maintenance compared to petroleum-powered cars, meaning less chance of breakdowns or repairs needed and more time spent doing other things. Having a fully charged car waiting outside every morning is a great way to start your day with no worries. 

Tesla Home Charging Options 

The Wall Connector 

The Wall Connector is Tesla’s recommended home-charging solution as it offers drivers the quickest way to charge their vehicle at home. This station allows you to plug in your car and, with an adapter, can provide up to 80amp charging power. As well, having this station installed gives you the option to keep a mobile connector in your car for convenient charging away from home. Updates for the charger can also be received over-the-air which keeps it functioning at optimal levels. 

The Mobile Connector 

The Mobile Connector comes included with every EV and provides a great solution for customers who don’t drive much at all. It functions in a similar way to a Wall Connector however maximum charging power is limited by its adapter as opposed to an installable wall unit. The purchase price of this type of charger is also not applicable as it's included with every car purchase. 
Ultimately, if you are looking for an easy and cost-effective home-charging solution then the Mobile Connector will suit your needs perfectly. 

Certified Tesla Installers 

First Light Electrical Services are proud to be a certified Tesla Installer  

Finding an electrician to install a Wall Connector for your Tesla car is essential in ensuring safe and easy charging access for your vehicle at home. 
First Light Electrical Services are proud to be a certified Tesla installer, and we have been trained by Tesla to install their charging equipment according to strict safety regulations and quality standards. So you can rest assured that the installation process will go smoothly from start to finish. 

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What our clients say... 

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What our clients say... 

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